Chakor to know Suraj’s secrets in Udaan


Suraj and his friends have a fun time. Chakor gets bored by their talk. His friends insist him to come in the party. Chakor thinks to attend the party. She asks Suraj to come. His friends tell him that after Chakor’s saying, Suraj has to agree now. Suraj does not want to go in any re union party in such tired state. He says we will go home, change clothes, get freshen up and come. Chakor asks Suraj does he not want to take her along, why is he avoiding her, is there anything he is hiding. Suraj says its nothing. He does not want his college secrets to come out. Chakor forces him to come. Suraj and Chakor get ready for the masquerade party. They compliment each other.

Chakor attends Suraj’s college re-union party to know his old secrets. She takes a modern avatar. Suraj and Chakor look lovely. A girl hugs Suraj and reminds Suraj of their college days. Chakor wants to know about his past. She gets to know Suraj had many girlfriends in college. The girl feeds wine to Suraj. The girls do not let Suraj go. Suraj dances with the girls. The girls flirt with Suraj.

Chakor gets jealous seeing Suraj dancing with the girls. Suraj is glad seeing Chakor’s jealousy. He gets drunk and enjoys the party. He wants Chakor to react seeing him. Teacher tells Chakor that Suraj was very shameless and flirtatious. A girl enters the party and claims to be Suraj’s wife. Suraj hugs the girl. Chakor feels embarrassed. She gets angry on Suraj and asks was their marriage illegal if he had a wife before. Suraj falls in big trouble to answer Chakor. He did not know about his past girlfriends coming one by one. Chakor gets annoyed and tells them that she is Suraj’s ex-wife. Chakor leaves from the party. Suraj and Chakor’s romance will be seen next.


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