Shagun instigates Aaliya in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Shagun asks Aaliya not to lose her identity in inlaws house. She does not want Aaliya to become puppet. Aaliya defends Ishita and Raman, who are the cool inlaws. She asks Shagun not to get hyper. She tells how Raman apologizes to her. Shagun does not want to see Aaliya’s insult. She asks her not to let them take her for granted. She tells how she has adjusted in Bhalla house when she was bahu there. She does not want same things to happen with Aaliya. Aaliya tells her about her friend not getting the bail. Shagun gets the bail done and helps the girl.

Adi and Aaliya spend some romantic time. Raman focusses on his new project. Ishita asks Raman if he is facing any problem. Raman is clear in his ideas. He asks her not to worry for anything. Adi tries to tell Raman about his project. Raman gets news of Shagun getting the bail for Aaliya’s friend. He reacts angrily. The family asks Raman to forget this. Raman does not know why Shagun did this, knowing the girl is totally wrong. Adi and Aaliya get into an argument over Shagun. Ruhi gives the good news of his new deal. Raman feels proud of Ruhi. Aaliya confronts Shagun for the bail matter. Shagun tells her that she did this for Mani’s business. Aaliya gets disappointed with Shagun. Aaliya asks Shagun not to give her any wrong teachings. Shagun feels hurt by Aaliya’s words.


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