Ananya to backfire Dayavanti’s plan in Naamkarann


Real Avni’s truth comes out. Dayavanti has exposed Avni. She tells Neil’s family that she has come to tell Avni’s truth, Avni has cheated all of them. She says Avni is a liar, she is not any Ananya Verma. Dayavanti gets the proof along. Ananya spoils Avni’s game. Ananya come there and tells Bebe that Avni is cheating them, Avni and her mum came to her house and asked her to give her name and identity to Avni, she was needy for money and agreed to Avni. Avni denies to know Ananya. She asks Neil to tell everyone that she does not know this girl. Neil starts questioning Ananya.

Ananya backfires Dayavanti’s plan. Ananya is with Avni and Neil. She confuses Dayavanti and asks her did she tell her to do this drama, is she doing acting right way. Dayavanti gets insulted by Bebe. Bebe asks servant to throw out Dayavanti. Dayavanti tells them that Avni is really cheating them and one day she will ruin their family. Ananya has failed Dayavanti’s plan badly. Neil and Avni’s bonding will be seen. Avni is trying to adjust in Neil’s family. Ananya is a positive character. Ananya is actually a cop, and Neil’s friend. She has entered as a bar dancer. She was seen performing on an item number. She will be playing many shades like a con woman to fool criminals. Ananya and Neil will get Dayavanti behind bars soon.


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