Avni to emotionally breakdown in Naamkarann


Avni gets emotional seeing Ashish’s room. She recalls all the past incidents. She collapses by the emotional flashes. Neil finds Avni unconscious and gets worried for her. Everyone asks her what happened that she fainted. Avni does not tell the matter. Bebe tells Avni that she has passed in the test by keeping the Nirjal fast. She wanted to see if Avni will support Neil in tough time or not. She gets glad that Avni will always be a good wife and good bahu. She feeds the food to Avni. She sends Avni to sleep. Neil asks Avni not to worry for him and make her stay comfortable till she is with him in his house. Neil does not like Bebe’s way to test Avni. Avni does not feel anything bad. She wants to give happiness to everyone.

Dayavanti, Diksha and Ketan receive a shock on seeing Ananya performing in a bar. Neil raids the bar and arrests the dancer. Dayavanti and her family hides from Neil. Avni wants to know about the girl Neil brought to police station. Diksha tries to find Ananya’s truth. Ananya informs Neela about the arrest. She asks Neela to come and bail her out. Dayavanti visits the police station to find more about Ananya. Neil tells Dayavanti that he did not have Avni with her. He wants to catch Dayavanti red-handed. Dayavanti plans to kidnap Ananya to get her answers.


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