Dipika calls off her marriage in Dhhai Kilo Prem

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Dipika meets Piyush and his family to confront them. Dipika gets angry and scolds Piyush. She tells him that she will not bear her dad’s insult. She calls off the marriage, saying she will not bear her family insult at any cost. Dipika has refused to give dowry. Her heart has broken. She did not imagine this would happen. She hugs her dad and cries. She chooses her self esteem over her love. She asks Piyush’s family to accept their mistake.

Dipika’s dad says you have given us a long list of dowry, how can we buy so much, how could you do all this suddenly. Dipika’s dad did not wish Dipika to know this matter, but situation got worse and he landed in jail, then Dipika’s mum had to tell the truth. Dipika does not want to go against her family ethics. Piyush’s dad tells them that he did not insult the girl’s family by asking dowry. He apologizes to them and does not know how did this occur. Is Piyush behind this twist? Keep reading.






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