Family politics to cause troubles in Sasural Simar Ka


Mata ji keeps a Shanti puja at home. Ananya and Roshni make prasad. Ananya’s prasad burns. Pandit says its big insult. Mata ji says I wanted the puja to go on well, how did Ananya not be careful, what’s all this burnt prasad. Ananya tells Mata ji that she does not know anything, how did this happen, it’s all because of Roshni. Roshni says I did not do anything. Ananya asks her to stop drama and slaps her. Mata ji and Simar how did she slap Roshni. Ananya says Roshni’s prasad burnt and she has swapped her prasad pots with mine, she has put the blame on me.

Ananya blames Roshni and cries. Mata ji gets angry on Ananya, who gets her anger out on Roshni. Mata ji asks Ananya if she has any proof. Ananya tells them that she has proof. She asks Pari to tell them. Pari denies everything. Ananya does not have any proof. Simar asks Ananya to accept her mistake. Mata ji orders Ananya to apologize to Roshni. Ananya apologizes to Roshni. Pari and Khushi are doing this. They provoke Ananya against Roshni. They tell Ananya that they could not tell anything to Mata ji, as Mata ji will always support Simar and Roshni.


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