Shivay and Anika’s painful separation in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz Shivay lines up surprises for Anika

Shivay started believing that name, lineage and blood do not matter and just person’s nature matters. Anika has proved him wrong. He thanks Anika for making him realize that he was right earlier. He tells her that marriage and love were just a deal. He gets hurt by Anika’s step. He thanks her for waking him up and showing him the reality. He asks her to get out of his house. He asks the media to print the breaking news that he has broken his marriage. The family gets sad for Shivay. Pinky asks Anika to leave at once, while Anika refuses. Pinky asks Shivay to throw money on Anika’s face. Shivay asks Anika how much money she wants to free him. Anika asks half of his property as alimony. She insults him again. Shivay calls it enough. He makes efforts to throw her out of the house himself. Their marriage rituals get undone.

Anika can’t believe the happenings and feels the pain. Best of Shivika’s moments will be seen in the episode. Shivay feels distressed and shuts the door on her face. Shivay and Anika lose out their companionship, all because of Pinky’s dirty plans. Anika gets lonely, walking on the road and missing him. She does not know how to leave without Shivay. Shivay injures himself while thinking of Anika. Shivay and Anika sheds tears of separation.


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