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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Maya’s godhbharai function happens. Vandana happily does the rituals to ward off bad sights from Maya. Maya and everyone is happy. Vandana is glad that Ayaan has come back from jail. Ayaan threatens Maya and scares her. Inspector comes and tells Maya that all her hidden secrets have come out, she is under arrest. Everyone gets worried. Ayaan tells Maya that inspector is his friend and it was just a prank on her. Maya hugs Saanjh. Saanjh is worried thinking what’s in Maya’s mind now. Saanjh knows Maya well. She just wants Maya to change atleast now.

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai:
Rishabh dies by Aditya’s hands. Gitanjali makes Priyam do the last rites of Rishabh. Gitanjali gets Abhimanyu’s support. They got together after facing so much. They adopt Priyam. They all immerse Rishabh’s ashes in the water. Abhimanyu went against his family for his love for Gitanjali. Their love has won over the family enmity.


Shivay’s life gets a new love, post leap. Shivay and Anika’s tashan will be seen once again. Shivay asks Anika not to forget who he is, while Anika too reminds him that she is Anika. Shivay and Anika will get the new entries in their lives.

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Sita competes with Sameera in Rajkot beauty contest. Sita looks much beautiful. Sameera gets insecure seeing Sia. Sameera thinks to cheat and win. Gopi and Kokila pray for Sita, while seeing the beauty contest live telecast in the jail. Sameera tries to make Sita fall down to make her hurt. Sita falls in Ricky’s arms. Sameera’s catwalk spoils. Ricky holds Sita, while Sameera falls. Sameera tries to give her best in the second round, presenting her thoughts well about women. She thinks Sita will not win the contest, not being able to match up to her. Sita tells them that English is an important language in their daily life, but most of the population in the country does not use English. She impresses the judges by her philosophy.


Avni gets a bad dream and murmurs in sleep. Neil finds her disturbed and sits by her side. Avni holds Neil’s hand and sleeps. Neil sleeps down the bed. Avni wakes up and sees Neil. She tries to get her hand free. Neil wakes up by her pull. Neil jokes its a policeman’s grip and won’t get free so easily. He tells Avni that he did not do anything, maybe he has seen some bad dream. He promises of taking care of her.


Vivaan is taking care of Imli. He makes her sleep well. Vivaan has got Imli to the haveli seeing she needs support. Suraj is away with Chakor on the Lucknow trip. Vivaan gets into an argument with Imli. She asks him to believe her that she loves him a lot. She finds him upset and realizes he loves her too. She asks Vivaan why is he troubling himself by believing lies. Vivaan tells her that he has moved on and now he does not love her. Vivaan asks till when will I mourn for having a characterless and cheating wife. Imli shouts to him that she is not a cheat.


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