Sita wins the beauty contest in Saathiya…


Sita competes with Sameera in Rajkot beauty contest. Sita looks much beautiful. Sameera gets insecure seeing Sia. Sameera thinks to cheat and win. Gopi and Kokila pray for Sita, while seeing the beauty contest live telecast in the jail. Sameera tries to make Sita fall down to make her hurt. Sita falls in Ricky’s arms. Sameera’s catwalk spoils. Ricky holds Sita, while Sameera falls. Sameera tries to give her best in the second round, presenting her thoughts well about women. She thinks Sita will not win the contest, not being able to match up to her. Sita tells them that English is an important language in their daily life, but most of the population in the country does not use English. She impresses the judges by her philosophy.

Sita wins the beauty contest. She gets the title and thanks the judges. She gives the beauty contest trophy to Sameera, saying she is the deserving candidate. She tells them that Sameera has stumbled because of her and lost in the contest. She gets friendly and makes Sameera wear the title and crown. Sameera gets happy to get the title. Sita shows her big heart once again. Gopi and Kokila see Sita’s values and bless her. They pray to Kanha so that they can come out of the difficult times soon. They have made such plans that their truth comes out and they get free of the jail. They are sure Sita will prove their innocence soon. Ricky has fallen for Sia. He will be supporting Sita than Sameera now.



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