Ananya’s plan backfires in Sasural Simar Ka


Ananya blames Roshni about the short circuit at home. Ananya has damaged the water taps to fraame Roshni. Mata ji gets angry on Roshni for being so careless. She thinks how will they grind the wheat now. Roshni did not lose hope and got the traditional grinder for the flour. Roshni’s smartness saves them from the problem. Roshni and Ananya have to grind 30 kgs of wheat as part of the punishment. Mata ji wants them to get compatible and adjust in inlaws.

Mata ji has promised to donate the flour to the temple. Roshni understands the need of the hour and tells Mata ji not to worry for her promise. Mata ji makes her bahus to finish the task soon. Ananya was planning to show down Roshni. Roshni agrees to grind the wheat, while Ananya was hesitant. Ananya did not wish to work hard and grind flour manually. She thinks her mistake made her fall in trouble. Mata ji asks Ananya to help Roshni. Ananya felt Roshni can’t do anything, but Roshni wins the task. Mata ji praises Roshni for solving the problem and teaching them not to lose cool in difficult times. Ananya’s plan failed. She gets angry seeing everyone praising Roshni. Ananya will do something else to trouble Roshni.


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