Happy time for Dev-Sonakshi in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

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Dev and Sonakshi have confessed each other’s feelings. Dev does not want anyone to have sorrow . He wants all his family members to he happy. Dev asks Ishwari not to cry now, as there will be just happiness at home. Everyone welcome Sonakshi as Mrs. Dixit again. Ishwari says everything will be better than before. Sonakshi wants everyone to call her Mrs. Dixit. Bijoy and Asha too accept Dev happily. Dev and Sonakshi come to Ishwari’s house. Ishwari does a proper Grahpravesh of Sonakshi.

She blesses her bahu. Ishwari gives the house responsibility to Sonakshi. Ishwari hands over the keys to Sonakshi. Ishwari is happy to see Dev’s happiness. Ishwari has completed the work she did not fulfill before. Ishwari’s dream has come true. Sonakshi’s parents bless Dev and Sonakshi. Mami feels bad seeing Sonakshi getting the keys. She was fearing that Sonakshi will rule the house. Mami will do something in her jealousy.






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