Kamini to reveal her true colors in Ishqbaaz


Kamini comes to Oberoi mansion to pass some taunting remarks on the first divorce of Oberoi family. She tells how Oberois maintained the no divorce customs and did injustice with her. She asks Pinky how did Anika and Shivay break up. Shivay acts absolutely normal and meets Kamini. Kamini asks them to send Priyanka with her.

Jhanvi asks Kamini to take Priyanka after some days. Shivay leaves the decision on Priyanka. Priyanka decides to go with Kamini and Ranveer. Shivay agrees to send Priyanka. Kamini welcomes Priyanka home. She asks Ranveer to manage Priyanka’s duties. Priyanka gets a moment of happiness. Kamini starts giving her cold feet. Kamini shows her true colors to Priyanka. She tells Priyanka that from now on, Priyanka will just be troubled and pay for Oberoi’s mistakes. Kamini is angered as Shakti has ditched her for Pinky.

Shivay does his duty towards Sahil. He acts caring as always. Sahil is glad to see Shivay. Sahil asks him to promise and take care of Anika. Shivay feels Anika around. Anika sees Shivay with Sahil and hides away from them. Sahil thanks Shivay for getting everything for him. Shivay hides his emotions. Shivay sends Sahil for the school trip. Anika meets Sahil and does not tell anything about her and Shivay’s relation.


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