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Dil Boley Oberoi: Gauri worries for Omkara who has fallen unconscious after drinking the juice. Omkara under the effect of drugs, romances with Gauri. Rudra and Bhavya too have a romantic moment at the pool side. Bhavya tries to end the distractions. Gauri realizes Omkara’s strange behavior. Gauri does not understand why Buamaa added strange herbs to punish Omkara. She thinks what’s the benefit to Buamaa if Omkara and she unite. A shooter reaches the resort and kills up Rudra’s friend being mistaken about his identity. Bhavya tries to find out the shooter. She runs after the shooter and risks her life.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

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Adi argues with Raman for talking badly with Aaliya all the time. Raman asks Adi how can he see anyone talking badly with Ishita. Adi tells Raman that he has answered the investor. He shouts on Raman for having dual policy and blaming others always. Raman gets angered on Adi for having business with a wrong man. Adi clarifies himself. Raman shows the mirror to Adi. Adi refuses to work with Raman. He challenges Raman that he will do his own business and take his own decisions. Ishita asks Adi how can he say this to Raman. Adi holds Ishita responsible for all the drama. Aaliya sides with Adi.


Jhanvi asks Kamini to take Priyanka after some days. Shivay leaves the decision on Priyanka. Priyanka decides to go with Kamini and Ranveer. Shivay agrees to send Priyanka. Kamini welcomes Priyanka home. She asks Ranveer to manage Priyanka’s duties. Priyanka gets a moment of happiness. Kamini starts giving her cold feet. Kamini shows her true colors to Priyanka. She tells Priyanka that from now on, Priyanka will just be troubled and pay for Oberoi’s mistakes. Kamini is angered as Shakti has ditched her for Pinky.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira impresses Dadi by conducting Mahabhoj well. Naira asks Dadi to come for the dance program. Dadi tells Naira that she is very happy as Brahmans went happily. Naira tells about her two performances. Dadi blesses her and asks her to go to fulfill Akshara’s dreams. Naira hides the pain from Kartik. Naksh wishes Naira’s dream gets fulfilled. Naksh encourages Kirti to move on. Kirti thanks him for giving her confidence. He asks her to be self-dependent. Kirti likes his thoughts. Naira worriedly thinks how will she dance. Kartik feeds her the food so that she regains her strength. She hides her burnt foot from Kartik. Naira’s family gets ready to witness the dance competition.





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