Vasundara plans to kill Rani in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani

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Rani tests Raj and asks him to fill in her maang, as she is his wife. Vasundara wants to hide Raj’s secret. She laughs on Rani’s foolishness. She is sure that none can know what she is hiding. She wants to be ahead of Rani. She plans to kill Rani. Rani takes blessings of Vasundara. Vasundara hates Rani, but acts to be good. Rani gets to know Raj is fake and planted by Vasundara. Rani kidnaps Shera/Raj inside the box and starts poisonous gas inside the box. She asks him to tell truth seeing his death close. She asks him some questions to know if he is really Raj. Raj answers her right. Rani gets him out of the box and saves him. She asks him how did he meet with an accident. She asks him the reason for helping Vasundara. Raj tells her that he knows a secret related to her mom. Rani cries and worries for her mom. Raj assures her that he will find his mom any way. Rani hugs Raj.

Rani gets set to make Brahman bhoj. Rani has kept the fast as well. She does not know Vasundara has added the gun powder in the flour. Rani makes the food for Brahmans. She puts the puris in hot oil, and it blasts. Rani falls back and gets saved. Vasundara was expecting Rani to die. Rani suffers, but survives. Raj gets a shock seeing Rani injured and takes her for aid.






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