Bittu to hold new hopes in Jaat Ki Jugni


Munni is worried thinking of the drunken incident. She recalls what all she told Bittu when she was drunk. Jyoti shows her the dresses she has shopped for marriage. Munni is lost in her worries. Jyoti asks her if anything is disturbing her. Munni does not tell her anything. Munni has gone away from Bittu. Her memories are troubling him. Bittu gets drunk and comes home. He sees Munni’s photo and confesses his love to her. Bittu sheds tears. He thinks he can never meet Munni now. Munni calls him the next morning and asks him to meet her at the temple. Bittu tells his mum that Munni called him at the temple and he wants to meet her.

Phoolkumari wants Bittu’s happiness and blesses him. Bittu knows Munni will not accept him easily, but he has hope that Munni accepts his love. Phoolkumari prays that Munni does not meet Bittu today. Phoolkumari does not like Munni. She does not want to make Munni her bahu. Bittu gets ready and leaves to meet Munni. Bittu dreams of a love union with Munni, while Munni calls him to talk about Jyoti’s marriage.



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