Ricky gets suspicious about Sia’s identity in Saathiya…


Sameera gets the house decorated. Jaggi and Sita see the preparations and ask what’s happening. Urmila tells them that Gopi and Kokila are in jail, but Sameera is planning a new drama, she is throwing a party. Jaggi gets annoyed knowing this. Sameera asks him to come in party if he wants. Jaggi gets angry on Sameera. Pinku takes Sameera away. Sita and Urmila plan with Jaggi about ruining the party. Sameera keeps a party in Modi house. She has thrown the party for Sia Kapoor. Sameera has won the beauty contest and is thankful to Sia for giving away the crown to her. She wants to know Sia well and is getting friendly with her.

Sameera is making new friends. Sameera waits for Sia. Sita and Jaggi make an entry in disguise. Ricky feels Sia is actually Sita. Pinku agrees with Ricky. Sameera does not believe them. Sameera trusts Sia, as she is being very nice towards her. Sia’s avatar does not let Sameera doubt her. Pinku goes to check Sita, and realizes Sita is in her room. Sameera asks him not to doubt on Sia now. Urmila takes the waiter’s disguise. Jaggi and Urmila support Sia. Ricky’s doubt does not get cleared. Sameera likes Sia and behaves well with her. Sita hides her identity. Sita tries to know Sameera’s secrets by becoming her best friend.


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