Aditya’s birthday twist in Woh Apna Sa


Babasa tells Aditya that life is giving him a second chance. He says Jhanvi is a nice girl and will manage everything, you and Jhanvi are made for each other. Jhanvi finds it a good chance to express her feelings to Aditya. Aditya too thinks to accept Jhanvi in his life. Nisha plans to make Aditya’s birthday special. She does the arrangements to fulfill love and happiness in Aditya and her life. Aditya celebrates his birthday with Jhanvi in the garage. He finds much happiness by her presence.

Nisha surprises Aditya on his birthday by a wonderful party. Aditya dances with Nisha and hugs her. Jhanvi gets a shock seeing them. Her loves flows out as tears. Jhanvi was going to confess her love to Aditya on his birthday. She had planned many things for Aditya. Her heart breaks seeing Aditya with Nisha. Jhanvi wanted to gift her love to Aditya. Aditya looked happy with Nisha. Jhanvi does not know what’s happening. She drops her gift and leaves from there. Nisha is very happy seeing Jhanvi crying. Aditya asked Nisha for dance just for his children’s sake. Aditya thinks to send off his children and take Nisha’s class. What’s Aditya planning against Nisha? Keep reading.


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