Gopi counts on Jaggi in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Gopi and Kokila are doing Krishna bhakti inside the lockup. Bhavani keeps an eye on Kokila and Gopi. Gopi gets signs that something wrong is going to happen and gets sad. Kokila asks her to have water. She asks Gopi where is her attention, why is she much worried. Kokila says you are worried as we are away from the family, don’t worry, Lord is with us and will protect our family, trust the Lord. They know Jaggi will do anything and save them.

Jaggi and Sita get the food for Gopi and Kokila. Inspector does not let them take the homemade food. Inspector says I will first check it. He eats the food and likes a lot. Inspector finishes the food himself. Jaggi’s efforts to help Gopi and Kokila fails. Meanwhile, Sameera and Ricky talk about Sita. She believes Sia and asks how can she be at two place at same time. Ricky says I m sure Sia is Sita. Sameera does not listen to him. Sita will take revenge from Sameera.


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