Harman turns more alert and protective in Shakti

High Five Spoilers Shakti Bahu Begum and more

Surbhi and Varun come home for dinner. Varun planned to go out with Surbhi and have some good time, but Surbhi chooses to come Singh house. Varun gets annoyed with him. Varun gets angry and comments on Surbhi rudely in front of the family. Surbhi does not want to annoy Varun. Everyone is upset and regrets for Varun’s decision. Harman tells Soumya that he has headache and wants to rest. Preeto asks Soumya to go to temple and go for aarti. Soumya tells Harman that she wants to go temple. Harman gets worried for Soumya and tells her that he will come with her. His behavior turns strange. Harman accompanies her. Harman sticks to Soumya all the time. Harman wants to protect Soumya, as she is a kinner.

Chintu plays a video game. He gets into an argument with Raavi. He angrily throws the video game and breaks it. He tells everyone that Soumya has fallen from terrace, but none has informed this to Harman. He understands that family is planning all this to hurt Soumya. Chintu supports Soumya.


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