High Five Spoilers

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Woh Apna Sa: Babasa tells Aditya that life is giving him a second chance. He says Jhanvi is a nice girl and will manage everything, you and Jhanvi are made for each other. Jhanvi finds it a good chance to express her feelings to Aditya. Aditya too thinks to accept Jhanvi in his life. Nisha plans to make Aditya’s birthday special. She does the arrangements to fulfill love and happiness in Aditya and her life. Aditya celebrates his birthday with Jhanvi in the garage. He finds much happiness by her presence.

Piya Albela:

Naren surprises Surbhi on her birthday. Surbhi feels Naren loves her and gets happy. Naren does not love Surbhi. Pooja hopes Surbhi likes the surprise. Naren tells Pooja that he has done everything as she said, but he can’t do anything more than this. Surbhi gets to hear their conversation and realizes Naren loves Pooja, not her. Surbhi’s happiness turns into sorrow. Pooja makes Surbhi realize the truth. Naren tells Surbhi that there can’t be anything between them than childhood friendship.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Dadi scolds Kiran and upsets him. Kiran refuses to perform with Naira and walks out of the venue. Naira is left with no partner. Naira dances alone on the stage. Kartik joins her and takes Kiran’s place. Kartik performs with Naira in the duet round to make her win the competition. Dadi gets angry with Kartik seeing him dance with Naira. She feels Kartik and Naira spoiled their family reputation. She says I was called as chief guest at the function, I have earned a lot of respect, I don’t want to lose anything because of Naira. Kartik could not bear anything against Naira. He says Dadi is wrong this time. Manish asks Kartik how dare hetalk rudely with his mum. Kartik asks Manish not to interfere between them.

Nandkishore is annoyed with Kunal. He asks Kunal why did he name the company shares to Karan. He yells on Kunal for not asking him once before doing this. Kunal and Meghna are helping Karan in doing business. Nandkishore said Karan can’t do anything in his life and is busy dealing with his allergy. Kunal wants to have his brother with him. He wants Karan to get fine soon. He was missing Karan in his life till now. Meghna and Kunal want Karan to succeed in his new work and prove himself.


Mannu dances in Raj’s sangeet. She is very much upset, but wants to be part of all the marriage rituals. She loves Raj a lot. She expresses her pain by her dance. Raj and Sakshi are getting married. Mannu can’t see Raj marrying anyone else. She confesses her love to Raj. She is adamant that she will be marrying Raj, while Raj challenges her that he will marry Sakshi in front of her. Raj has asked her to dance in his sangeet, thinking she will get hurt and can’t tolerate the happenings.

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