Omkara faces a fatal situation in Dil Boley Oberoi


Omkara’s fatal fall breaks the family in tears. Gauri weeps seeing Omkara in coma. She can’t bear the sight. Gauri does not leave hope. She thinks maybe she has to find a cure for Omkara herself. She does not want to believe doctors. Rudra consoles her in tough times. He asks Gauri to be strong. Gauri tells Rudra that its her right to fight for her husband’s life. Rudra encourages her. Rudra feels since Anika left, everything got ruined. He does not know about Bhavya. Rudra prays for Bhavya’s well being. Bhavya is tortured by gangster Sultan’s men. They ask her about the locket which has the memory chip. Bhavya refuses to tell them anything. Bhavya finds a way to escape and reaches the commissioner. She informs that Sultan is coming to find the locket. She does not know how to explain Rudra about her disappearance. She injures herself to act as victim.

Buamaa challenges Gauri to get Omkara back to life, else she will kill Gauri. Gauri thinks to do something to make Omkara fine. She gets a note from Shwetlana. Gauri does not know about Shwetlana’s identity. Tej tells everyone that Omkara can’t come back now. Jhanvi wants to wait for Omkara. Tej breaks down emotionally and explains Jhanvi to let Omkara go. Gauri meets Shwetlana at some lab and gets the life saving drug for Omkara. She blindly believes Shwetlana and injects the drug to revive Omkara. Will Gauri succeed to revive Omkara? Keep reading.


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