A short leap gets bundles of twists in Ishqbaaz

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The show takes a three-month leap. Shivay and Tej get into an argument over continuing Omkara’s treatment. Omkara has slipped in a coma after his fatal fall. Tej tells Shivay that Omkara has left them, there is no time for us to wait for him now. Gauri cries hearing them. Shivay says Omkara will always be with me. Tej says Omkara is no more, all the doctors have said the same, there is no hope that Omkara will recover. Tej asks them to accept this fact and be practical. He wants to let off Omkara go.

He does not have hope that Omkara will get back to life. Shivay and Shakti ask Tej to consult best doctors. Tej tells them that keeping Omkara will just increase his suffering. Shivay believes Omkara is alive and till then, hope is always there. Tej taunts him for failing to manage his marriage. He asks Shivay to look into his life, and not decide for Omkara this time. Tej asks Shivay to let Omkara with dignity. Shivay does not allow Tej to do this. Tej asks him to stop interfering in their lives. Shivay angrily leaves from home. He races a bike and goes away to get some peace. Pinky calls up Ragini and asks her to stop Shivay.

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Ragini reaches Shivay to calm down his anger. Ragini gets Shivay home. Pinky gives Shivay’s responsibility to Ragini. Ragini is happy to have a friendship with Shivay. She invites Shivay in her engagement with her boyfriend Siddharth. Shivay recalls Anika. Pinky congratulates Ragini. Shivay refuses to attend Ragini’s engagement. Pinky promises to send Shivay in the engagement function.

Anika meets her friend and cries her sorrow. Anika does not get the job. She apologizes to Chanda, with a promise to pay rent. Anika worries for arranging Sahil’s school fees. Samar sees Anika crying in sorrow and gives her company. He understands her sorrow, as he has also lost his lover.





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