Swabhimaan – Naina’s task


Sandhya asks Nirmala to send back Naina to her city. Nirmala gets a shock knowing Sandhya’s plan. Nirmala asks Naina to go back. Karan realizes Naina is doing everything for him. Karan asks Meghna to get his Naina back. Naina prepares to leave from Karan’s life. She gets a chance to stay back when Karan willingly takes her home. Nandkishore has kept the challenge to Naina to make Karan fine. Naina has taken the big task in hand, only to stay in Karan’s life.

Nandkishore comes home and shouts to everyone. He is annoyed with Kunal. He asks Kunal why did he name the company shares to Karan. He yells on Kunal for not asking him once before doing this. Kunal and Meghna are helping Karan in doing business. Nandkishore said Karan can’t do anything in his life and is busy dealing with his allergy. Kunal wants to have his brother with him. He wants Karan to get fine soon. He was missing Karan in his life till now. Meghna and Kunal want Karan to succeed in his new work and prove himself. Naina will be making Karan out of all his fears by her support.


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