Waaris – Marriage twist

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Mannu dances in Raj’s sangeet. She is very much upset, but wants to be part of all the marriage rituals. She loves Raj a lot. She expresses her pain by her dance. Raj and Sakshi are getting married. Mannu can’t see Raj marrying anyone else. She confesses her love to Raj. She is adamant that she will be marrying Raj, while Raj challenges her that he will marry Sakshi in front of her. Raj has asked her to dance in his sangeet, thinking she will get hurt and can’t tolerate the happenings.

Mannu does not get back and performs to keep his wish. Raj says how much you try, I will just marry Sakshi. Mannu determines to fail his plans. Mannu dances to convince Raj. She does not let Raj get away. Raj gets away from her. Raj does not know Mannu’s plan to replace Sakshi in the marriage mandap. Mannu orders the same lahenga as the bride. She hides the matter from everyone. Amrit realizes Mannu’s plan is risky, but can be accomplished. Mannu has decided she will get Raj. Mannu will be getting married to Raj.

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