Beyhadh to have more shocking twists


Maya has done Ayaan’s accident to kill him in her rage. Later, Maya gets into an argument with Vandana. She slips down the stairs. Maya loses her child. Maya’s miscarriage comes as a shock to Arjun. Saanjh consoles Arjun. Arjun’s life got ruined. Arjun was expecting things to be fine with his child’s entry. Maya has tolerated Samay’s tortures for the child, but she pays for her bad deeds. Saanjh tells Arjun that Maya is still mad, she has done Ayaan’s accident. Ayaan fights with his death. Arjun asks Saanjh to stop it, its the limit, I daily visit Maya at the mental hospital since 6 months, you mean Maya is lying to me, you know what I m going through, I prove Maya that I love her, but the truth is I don’t love her, you know everything about Maya’s colors, there is much pain behind her every mistake, there is some truth behind her every lie, the truth is my love, you know Maya well.

Saanjh asks him why is he ruining his life. He says Maya has done a lot for me and my child, she has spent six months in mental hospital for me, she has fallen many times and then stood up, just for me, that’s why I m with her. Saanjh is sure Maya is behind Ayaan’s accident. She tells Arjun that till Arjun understands Maya, it will be too late. Maya will get more dangerous after her miscarriage.


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