Neil to rescue Mitali’s life in Naamkarann


Neil informs Neela about his next move. Inspector Mitali who has acted as Ananya comes to meet them. Neil thanks her for her much-needed help. Avni gets jealous seeing Neil and Mitali, while Neela teases her. Neil tells them to be alert and take the next step carefully. Avni knows Aisha and Neela have tolerated a lot in life. She pledges to make Dayavanti suffer. Avni introduces Mitali to Ali. Mitali tells them that she is Neil’s best friend. Avni dislikes seeing them close. Avni argues with Neil. Ali gets sad seeing Avni and Neil together. Avni makes Neil jealous by her friendship with Ali. They all make a plan to target Diksha first, knowing she is the weakest link in Mehta family. Ali and Neil do not agree on their planning and have a conflict. Avni supports Neil.

Dayavanti realizes Neil’s plan. Inspector Mitali’s life falls in risk. She was helping Dayavanti till now, but was working for Neil and Avni. Dayavanti has kidnapped her. She threatens Avni that Ananya will be getting punished instead Avni. She tortures Mitali. Neil reaches the place to save his friend. He sees Mitali tied and frees her. Neil takes Mitali along. Dayavanti gets a shock seeing Ananya gone. Mitali is Neil’s friend since his police academy days. Neil had called her for the task. Mitali has succeeded in her task. Mitali’s character will be ending.


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