Ricky curious to find Sia-Sita’s connection in Saathiya

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Ricky wants to know the truth which Sita is hiding. He calls Sita and troubles her. Sita worries by his calls. Urmila and Jaggi come to Sita. Urmila asks Sita to make some sweets. Jaggi asks Sita why is she worried. Sita says Ricky called on Sia’s number, I answered his call, when he called me Sita, I spoke to him. Jaggi gets worried. Sita knows a small mistake can spoil the game. Sita then manages the situation. She calls Ricky back and talks as Sia. She says I could not hear your voice, so I angrily disconnected the call. Ricky asks her to help him in some presentation related to fashion house. She asks him if he has any misunderstanding, does he want to meet her, why did he take Sita’s name. Ricky apologizes and asks her to meet him at the pub. He has doubt on Sita.

Sita tries to end his suspicion. Sita tells Jaggi that she will not go and meet Ricky at the pub, he always stares at her with doubt. Ricky follows Sita and observes her to know if Sita is Sia. He was mesmerized by Sia, seeing her at the fashion show. He wants to see how Sita manages to meet him as Sia at the pub. Jaggi asks Sita to calm down and makes a plan to manage this problem. He asks Sita to message Ricky that she has reached the pub. Urmila makes Ricky busy and sends Sita to take Sia’s avatar. Ricky gets the message and leaves from the house to meet Sia.

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