Thapki’s return calls for high voltage drama in Thapki Pyaar Ki


Thapki has come back home. Thapki and Lovely come face to face. Thapki confronts Lovely for taking her place at home. Lovely laughs on her and tells how she has got her family in her hands. Thapki says I have to end your game in front of everyone, even Lord wanted this so Lord has given me strength to come back.

Lovely threatens Thapki to prove herself. Thapki says my family loves me, I have waited for everyone till now, I will tell your truth, everyone will come back home from the temple. Lovely shows the video and says I have kidnapped Bani, if you tell anything to the family, I will kill Bani. Thapki asks Lovely to leave her daughter. Thapki cries seeing Bani and begs to Lovely to leave her daughter free. Lovely controls Thapki by threatening about Bani’s life. She asks Thapki to leave from the house before everyone comes back. What will Thapki do? Keep reading.



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