Vivaan does a Devdas act in Udaan


Imli gets angry on Bijli and throws the food. She says I told you many times, I don’t eat such oily food. Vivaan tells Ragini that she has given him the best gift and he will spend his time with the girls. He asks Imli to select the girl for him. Imli argues with him. Vivaan does not cheat Imli. Ragini wanted Vivaan to cheat on Imli. He just does this to make Imli emotionally hurt. He tells the girls that he does not see anyone else than Imli, as she is very beautiful and has taken his heart. He tells them how much he loves Imli.

He thinks of Imli. He tells the girls that his wife, Imli likes strawberry icecream. She shares likes and dislikes of Imli. He could not forget Imli till now. The girls get frustrated and ask Vivaan to get Imli on dinner date. Meanwhile, Imli does not know the girls have left and sits crying in her room, thinking Vivaan does not love her now. She then realizes Chakor and Suraj are in danger. Chakor and Suraj’s photo frame falls down. Imli gets more tensed by the bad sign and does not know what to do. Imli tries to meet Ajay and know about Chakor.


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