Anika’s engagement news to shock Shivay in Ishqbaaz


Shivay gets too angry by losing a deal. He goes to Samar’s property and breaks the property sign board. He got into a property fight with Samar. He crashes the gate by his car. He asks Khanna to go and tell Samarjeet Malhotra that land will not belong to him if he fixes the sign board. He wants the land for his project and does not want to give away the land to Samar at any cost. He tells the people that he will not let anyone grab the land. On returning home, Shivay gets troubled by Pinky and Ragini.

Anika helps out Chanda, who is not happy with her engagement. Chanda is in love with someone else. Chanda asks Anika to reach the venue, and she will be coming there on time. She asks Anika to cover up for her, there is no time left for any alternative, I will meet my lover and come there quickly. Anika dresses up and takes Chanda’s place in the engagement. Anika does not want to marry anyone. Anika will be meeting Samar at the engagement again. Shivay learns Anika is getting engaged to someone. He could not stop his emotions. Shivay and Samar would be coming face to face.


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