Anjali to commit suicide in Sasural Simar Ka


Anjali and Vikram got separated. Vikram ends everything between them. He gets Anjali to Bharadwaj house and leaves her. He tells Simar and everyone how Anjali was acting to be mentally unstable to trouble Tanvi. He apologizes to them and says I m separating myself from this relation and Anjali forever. Anjali sheds tears. Everyone gets a shock seeing Anjali shattered. Vikram has broken all his promises, as Anjali has broken his trust. He has married Tanvi and wants to get away from Anjali now. He is upset with Anjali’s mistake.

He tells them how Anjali lied to them and played with their emotions. He says I was feeling guilty seeing her, but Tai ji and Tau ji left the house because of Anjali, I have doubted on Tanvi and got anger out of her because of Anjali. He regrets to not accept Tanvi as his wife. Anjali tells Simar that she had no way than this. Simar says you had the option of walking on truth path, but the ego has made you blind, so you did not see any other way, now Vikram has left from your life forever, you really deserved this. Anjali asks Simar not to say this. Everyone starts hating Anjali. Anjali gets depressed and tries to hurt herself. Anjali will be committing suicide.


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