Chandrakanta – A challenge for Virendra

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Virendra’s mum asks him to find his dad’s murderer in a day’s time, and if he fails to do so, he would have to punish Chandrakanta. Virendra falls in a huge problem. It’s a challenge to prove his love. He knows Chandrakanta is innocent. Virendra and Chandrakanta have come to the jungle by someone’s deceive. They accidentally fall down the cliff, and roll down in the mud. Virendra asks her not to worry till he is there with her.

Virendra sees Chandrakanta getting tired. He lifts her and takes her to the lake to feed her water. Chandrakanta plays with water. Virendra cleans the mud off her face. Chandrakanta asks him to clean the mud off his face first. He asks did your face get clean. She says no, but I will go and wash my face myself. They have a sweet argument. Virendra and Chandrakanta have a romantic moment. Will Virendra prove Chandrakanta innocent? Keep reading.






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