Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Thapki Pyaar Ki:
Thapki has come back, and also exposed Lovely’s truth. Bani makes a return in Pandey house. The happiness returns home. Entire family cries seeing Bani alive. Aryan catches Lovely. Lovely tells Thapki that she is Thapki’s twin sister, who was left by her parents and held a grudge against Thapki. She apologizes to everyone and leaves from Pandey house. Thapki and Bani are happy to return home. The family gets emotional.


Harman imagines people at the temple beating up Soumya. He gets too worried and hugs Soumya. He does not want anyone to snatch Soumya from him. He tells Soumya that she is his life and his world. He does not want to lose Soumya to anyone’s hatred. Harman gets Soumya home and sticks around. Soumya goes to sleep, but he stays awake. Harman sees Soumya sleeping and protects her. Harman is afraid that Soumya can get away from him. He locks the room. Soumya asks what is he doing. He says I was just locking the room. Harman sleeps and gets a bad dream of losing Soumya.


Karan gets ready to leave for office. He takes breakfast and checks some papers. Nandkishore shakes his confidence by shouting on him. He asks Karan to say something, if he is not able to speak up, how will he conduct the meeting. He asks Sandhya to see Karan’s state. Kunal encourages Karan, and tells him that Karan used to save more money than him in childhood as he was more wise in spending money. Nandkishore asks Karan if he has any opinion about the tax levied on their company. He insults Karan.


Imli has taken the divorce decision. Vivaan tells her that if she does not change, he will not accept her. He takes the support of wine, and sinks in sorrow. Imli asks how can Vivaan do this with her, why did he love her if he could not keep his promises. Vivaan has moved on and chosen his way in his life. Vivaan says I don’t regret for my decision. Imli reaches Suraj to lessen her sorrow and tells him what Vivaan did. Vivaan shares his sorrow with Ragini. He says if Imli really loved me, she would have left her child. Ragini consoles Vivaan. Vivaan gets over drunk.


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