Desperate measures: Imli to propose Suraj in Udaan

Udaan New Twist: Imli and Raghav to team up

Imli has taken the divorce decision. Vivaan tells her that if she does not change, he will not accept her. He takes the support of wine, and sinks in sorrow. Imli asks how can Vivaan do this with her, why did he love her if he could not keep his promises. Vivaan has moved on and chosen his way in his life. Vivaan says I don’t regret for my decision. Imli reaches Suraj to lessen her sorrow and tells him what Vivaan did. Vivaan shares his sorrow with Ragini. He says if Imli really loved me, she would have left her child. Ragini consoles Vivaan. Vivaan gets over drunk.

Imli tells Suraj that she can’t bear Vivaan’s hatred now, she will take divorce from Vivaan. Suraj gets worried by her words. She says Chakor has also left you and me, none has kept relation with me, even my parents left me, you have supported you always, I will get separated from Vivaan. Suraj asks why did she decide this. Imli proposes Suraj and asks him to marry her. Imli says I m in all my senses, I will divorce Vivaan, you just tell me will you marry me and accept my child or not, why are you silent, just tell me.

lign: justify;”>Suraj tells Imli that he just helped her seeing the need of the hour, he had to protect her innocent child, but he can’t marry her, he can’t even think of marrying her. Suraj and Chakor have united after all misunderstandings got cleared, thanks to the poison incident. They have come back to haveli with motives to unmask Ragini. They are just acting to be separated to unite Vivaan and Imli by exposing Ragini’s plans. Suraj rejects Imli’s proposal.

He says I can never love you and explains her not to get mad in anger, wrong decisions will just hurt her. Imli throws the pillow at Suraj and beats up when he rejects her proposal. Suraj explains her that anger is not good for her in this pregnant state. He can’t believe what is Imli thinking. Imli doesn’t know what she is doing. She also does not want to marry Suraj, as she loves Vivaan, but she is much angry. Bijli sees Imli proposing Suraj. She thinks to inform Chakor.

Suraj goes and meets Chakor at Kasturi’s house. Chakor feeds the food to him. Suraj teases her and feeds her chilli. She shouts on him. Chakor gets angry on Suraj and says she will not leave him. She bites his hand. He calls her a wild cat. Suraj and Chakor hide from everyone and romance. There will be much twists and turns after Vivaan learns Ragini’s plans.


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