Dipika fails to know Piyush’s intentions in Dhhai Kilo Prem


Piyush and all the men dress up as women and join the ladies mehendi function. They dance in the function. Dipika gets the mehendi applied. Piyush lies that she is an old relative of Piyush. Dipika joins the women and dances with them. Piyush tries to tell Dipika about his thoughts regarding their marriage. Dipika asks them to have the mehendi. Sarika asks them to show their beautiful faces. They all get to see the men in disguise, and laugh.

Piyush went there to cancel the wedding. He can go to any limits to break the marriage. He wants Dipika to understand him. He fails to tell Dipika. He does not get a chance to see Dipika’s face, who dons the ghunghat seeing him. Everyone asks the bride and groom to stay away till marriage. Sarika tells them that they have identified the men and made them dance to pull their leg. Sarika applies mehendi to Piyush. Piyush will come up with many tricks to stop the marriage. The drama has just begun.


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