Harman to safeguard Soumya in Shakti

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Harman imagines people at the temple beating up Soumya. He gets too worried and hugs Soumya. He does not want anyone to snatch Soumya from him. He tells Soumya that she is his life and his world. He does not want to lose Soumya to anyone’s hatred. Harman gets Soumya home and sticks around. Soumya goes to sleep, but he stays awake. Harman sees Soumya sleeping and protects her. Harman is afraid that Soumya can get away from him. He locks the room. Soumya asks what is he doing. He says I was just locking the room. Harman sleeps and gets a bad dream of losing Soumya. Harman wakes up from sleep and does not find Soumya in the room. He looks for Soumya. Harman finds Soumya hurt and does the aid to her hand. He worriedly makes a holiday plan and hides all his concerns from her. He says we will go on a holiday, away from the city.

He wants to take Soumya to a peaceful place. Soumya gives her passport to him. Later, Harman stays annoyed with Soumya and leaves the food. Soumya asks him not to get angry on food. She tells him that she will throw his favorite parathas. Harman stops her and asks her did she got so much courage to tease him. He eats the food made by Soumya and thanks her. They have a moment.

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