TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:
Rani is pregnant. Raj gets much happiness. The couple celebrates the news. Everyone is happy for Rani. Raj asks Rani to take extra care from now on. Rani’s mum turns evil. She applies the oil on the stairs to make Rani fall down. Sakshi slips on the stairs, and Raj saves her. Raj stays alert and feels Rani would have fallen down if she was walking ahead of Sakshi. He takes Rani and Sakshi with him.

Harman applies the ointment to Soumya with love. Soumya gets lost in his eyes. She feels that if someone has a partner like Harman, all the pains would look good. Harman has much worry in his heart. She is getting scared of losing Soumya. He is doing everything to protect her. Soumya tells him that she heard some sound and went out to see, she saw the thieves at home and made them run away, she got little hurt in the process. Harman asks her why did she not wake him up. He tells Soumya not to risk her life. Varun asks Harman for his phone. Harman gives his phone to Varun. Varun thanks him and goes. Varun will be using Harman’s phone to bring a new twist.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Anjali and Vikram got separated. Vikram ends everything between them. He gets Anjali to Bharadwaj house and leaves her. He tells Simar and everyone how Anjali was acting to be mentally unstable to trouble Tanvi. He apologizes to them and says I m separating myself from this relation and Anjali forever. Anjali sheds tears. Everyone gets a shock seeing Anjali shattered. Vikram has broken all his promises, as Anjali has broken his trust. He has married Tanvi and wants to get away from Anjali now. He is upset with Anjali’s mistake.


Virendra’s mum asks him to find his dad’s murderer in a day’s time, and if he fails to do so, he would have to punish Chandrakanta. Virendra falls in a huge problem. It’s a challenge to prove his love. He knows Chandrakanta is innocent. Virendra and Chandrakanta have come to the jungle by someone’s deceive. They accidentally fall down the cliff, and roll down in the mud. Virendra asks her not to worry till he is there with her.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira tried hard to make Manish and Naira close. But, Manish’s decision brings a gap between them again. Kartik starts hating Manish again. Manish showed how selfish he is, by hosting the party just for Kartik. Kartik asks Manish how can he hurt someone like this, did he not think of Naira. Naitik and everyone also feel bad that party was not for Naira. Naira finds Gayu worried. Dadi asks Singhanias about Gayu’s decision about the alliance. Naira asks Gayu not to feel bad and take her time to take decision about the marriage alliance. She asks Gayu not to feel any pressure, after all the marriage is a big decision. She encourages Gayu. Kartik meets Singhanias and bonds with them, paying them good respect.


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