Kokila and Gopi learn Bhavani’s escape plan in Saathiya

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Kokila and Gopi are spying on Bhavani inside the jail to know her secrets. They clean the lockup bars in front of the warden. The warden goes away. Kokila says Bhavani is making a plan to escape from here. They get to know Bhavani is escaping by a tunnel made in the jail. Gopi and Kokila don’t get any clue. Gopitells Kokila that there is something hidden in the jug, but it’s not opening. She throws the jug. They get some chits out and join all the pieces to learn the jail map. Kokila tells warden that she is sure Bhavani is going to run away from the jail. Kokila shouts to call the warden. She tells the warden that she has the map as well.

Bhavani ruins the map and says I have hidden it, now I will see what you both do. Kokila threatens Bhavani. Warden says they both don’t keep peace even in jail, they shout as if something worse happened. Kokila asks warden to believe her. Bhavani failed Gopi and Kokila’s plans. Warden says the map won’t go anywhere. Kokila asks warden to check Bhavani, maybe she has hidden it. Bhavani tells Kokila that she has eaten the map and swallowed it. Warden punishes Kokila and Gopi, asking them to make fifty blankets in a night’s time.






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