Preeto and Varun spy on Harman in Shakti

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The thieves catch Soumya. Harman sees them and asks the thieves not to shoot at Soumya. He runs to Soumya and gets shot by the thief. Soumya worries for him. Harman bravely beats up the thieves. He deals with them alone, and throws the knife and gun away. Soumya feels proud to have a superman in her life. He does not care for the bullet injuring his hand. Nothing can stop Harman, when it comes to Soumya. The family members hear the sound and come out. Soumya worries for Harman. Even she helps Harman in the fight.

Soumya’s hand gets a bit hurt by the thief’s knife. Preeto gets the ointment for Harman. Harman says the time is not to show any fake concern and goes to his room along with Soumya. Preeto gets hurt by Harman’s behavior. Harman and Soumya go to the travel agent to book the holiday trip. The man asks Harman to get Soumya’s passport. Preeto and Varun are spying on Harman and Soumya. Preeto does not want Harman to go away. Harman does not tell his holiday plans to Preeto. What is Varun planning against Harman? Keep reading.

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