Rani and Aarti succeed in their plans in Mere Angne Mein

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Rani tries hard to make Amit realize his love. She does not want to lose Amit. She knows Amit loves her, but is in some dilemma. Amit can’t stop thinking about Rani. Amit gets ready for his marriage. Nandu reaches him and informs about Rani and Golu’s marriage commencing.

Rani and Golu reach the temple and mock the marriage to bring Amit on track. Rani and Golu ask constable to make the marriage video. Amit gets the video and gets jealous seeing Golu. Amit tells Shanti that he is going to Rani, he can’t marry Aarti, he has realized his love for Rani.

Nandu calls Rani and tells her that Amit broke his marriage with Aarti and ran to the temple to reach to Rani. He says Amit wants to stop your marriage with Golu, your plan has succeeded. Rani can’t believe it and gets much glad. Rani thanks Golu for his support till now. Amit reaches the temple to propose Rani and marry her. Golu happily blesses Rani. Rani and Aarti’s plan to stop Amit and Aarti’s marriage succeeds. Shanti feels upset for Amit leaving Aarti in the mandap. She thinks to get Aarti married to Shivam, to keep Aarti’s self-respect. Shanti does not know Aarti is already married. Will Shivam agree to marry Aarti for his child’s sake? Keep reading.


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