Shivay lands in jail; Pinky to get confronted in Ishqbaaz


Omkara meets Pinky. Omkara and Rudra argue with Pinky for snatching everything from Shivay. They blame Pinky for snatching Shivay’s love, dreams and everything which makes him Shivay Singh Oberoi. Rudra says Shivay is in this state because of you, don’t you regret seeing this, how can you face yourself. Pinky asks them what did she do, what dreams she did snatch. Omkara shows the truth to Pinky, and confronts her. Shivay is in jail and does not want to get bailed. Shivay has changed completely. He does not have that SSO style him. Omkara and Rudra ask Pinky to see where her stubbornness made Shivay reach.

Meanwhile, Omkara has stress about Gauri’s pregnancy. Gauri and Buamaa argue about the child, will it be a boy or girl. Buamaa says baby will be just a boy, I will name him Ratan. Buamaa drops the aarti plate so that none doubts on her. She is happy that Omkara is taking responsibility of the child. Buamaa makes Omkara faint to show Gauri what she can do. She threatens Gauri. Gauri worries for Omkara. Buamaa has applied the tilismi tilak, which Omkara collapsed. Gauri could not understand how this happened. Will Gauri be able to prove Buamaa’s evil intentions to Omkara? Keep reading.



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