Sukor’s romance and more twists lined in Udaan


Suraj imagines Chakor and dances. He prepares to meet Chakor on their dance. Everything got fine between them. Suraj has become a lovebird. Suraj and Chakor hide and meet, as everyone does not know the couple got together. They have a romantic moment. Suraj and Chakor reach Ragini’s office and try to find some clues to get Ragini arrested. Chakor gets to know about Ragini and doctor’s planning against Imli. Chakor realizes Suraj is totally innocent. Imli meets Suraj and apologizes to him for speaking nonsense and proposing him. She says I don’t want to marry you, I have seen Vivaan with the girls and got jealous.

Bhaiya ji sees them and takes their picture by the camera given by Ajay. Ajay gifted the camera to make Bhaiya ji click pictures of the people in haveli, and know about Ragini’s plans. Imli sees Bhaiya ji clicking the pictures and tells Suraj that Vivaan can see the pictures and misunderstand them. Bhaiya ji clicks pictures of everyone. Vivaan sees Imli and Suraj’s pictures clicked by Bhaiya ji. The photos will create a misunderstanding in Vivaan’s mind. Ragini sees Suraj in her office and gets into an argument with him.

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