Ajay to take Bhaiya ji’s help in Udaan


Chakor meets Ajay for coffee. Chakor wanted to get proof against Ragini. Suraj comes there and gets angry seeing them. Suraj and Ajay get into a fight. Chakor tries to stop them and explain. Chakor slaps Suraj angrily. They continue the drama that they did not unite and hate each other. Meanwhile, at the haveli, Bhaiya ji clicks photos of Suraj and Imli. Inspector Ajay gave the camera to Bhaiya ji, to know Ragini’s truth. Bhaiya ji does not know the real intentions of Ajay. He clicks pictures of Suraj and Imli holding hands. Ajay asked Bhaiya ji to click everyone’s photos. Bhaiya ji is mentally unstable now and thinks he is Bhole Lord.

Suraj and Imli’s life can get more troubles by Bhaiya ji’s move. Suraj asks Bhaiya ji to just leave from their room. Ragini reaches godown and assumes Suraj is Vivaan. Suraj surprises Ragini and tells her that he knows about her plan, how she has sent the goon to kill Chakor. Ragini gets a shock and leaves from there. Chakor comes there to know if Suraj has done something to Ragini. She asks Suraj to control his anger, as their plan can flop. Suraj stops Chakor and they have a romantic moment.


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