Chakor-Suraj to unite Vivaan-Imli in Udaan


Chakor and Suraj try to take Suraj and Imli’s photos from Bhaiya ji. They get to see Ragini and doctor’s photo which falls from Bhaiya ji’s pocket. Chakor and Suraj get shocked seeing the photos and understand the plan. Chakor shatters on knowing the truth of Imli’s pregnancy. She thinks none can be worse than her, she is the worst wife and sister. She cries and breaks the mirror. She curses herself and apologizes to Suraj, for her big mistake to doubt on his character. Chakor got to know Ragini’s evil plan against Vivaan and Imli. Suraj forgives her and wipes her tears. He did not know the truth either. He asks her not to blame herself, as she has reacted the way anyone would do in that situation.

Chakor gets emotional and thinks how to face Imli. Chakor says Suraj and Imli did not do any sin, there was no illegitimate relation between them. She asks why did you not explain me before. Suraj tells her that he has told her, but she did not believe him, she should have shown some trust in him. Chakor feels guilty and apologizes. Suraj asks her to forget everything now. Suraj consoles Chakor and says now think how will we break this news to Vivaan, we have to lessen the distance between Vivaan and Imli. Chakor says now its our responsibility to make their life a heaven, we will expose Ragini.


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