Omkara takes Gauri’s challenge in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri’s tests are done by the doctor at home. Gauri gets surprised seeing the baby in the sonography. Gauri thanks Bhavya for her help. Bhavya has made the doctor lie to the family about Gauri’s pregnancy. Gauri explains Bhavya why is she doing all this. Bhavya feels guilty that Gauri is in trouble because of her and helps her. Buamaa and Omkara get glad to see the baby. Buamaa gets hopeful of her Ratan coming back.

Omkara helps Gauri and takes care of her. Gauri asks him not to do any acting, as Buamaa is not around. Omkara feels much happy realizing he is becoming a father. Gauri thanks him for help, and tells him that she knows she is a guest in his house. Bhavya learns that Gauri was shot by gangster’s man. She protects Rudra. Bhavya gets revengeful to take justice for her family. Bhavya worries for Rudra’s life and stays around him. She finds Rudra in trouble. They have a moment. Rudra tells her that everything is under control. She fails to explain him the danger hovering on his head.

Omkara asks Gauri to have the milk. She drops the glass. Omkara gets hurt while saving Gauri. Gauri cares for Omkara’s wound. They have a sweet argument. Gauri asks Omkara to get golgappas from Bareilly. Omkara gets surprised. Gauri asks him not to try to do everything, which he couldn’t. Omkara takes her challenge.


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