Amit to realize love for Rani in Mere Angne Mein

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Amit gets jealous seeing Rani and Golu getting married. Amit gets up from the mandap. He did not know what he wants in his life. Amit tells Shanti that he does not want to marry Aarti, he wants Rani back in his life. Shanti calls him mad and runs after Amit to beat him. Amit apologizes to Shanti and runs away. He goes to get Rani from the temple. Amit worriedly tries to stop Rani’s marriage. Amit and Rani unite forever and get married.

Shanti gets Shivam married to Aarti, so that Kaushalya’s mad attempts to get a bahu stops. She also thinks of Aarti, who is left in the mandap. Shanti explains Shivam that none can love Raina more than Aarti, who has proved her love over the time. Shivam agrees to marry Aarti. Kaushalya cries for Shivam’s marriage happening with Aarti. Kaushalya did not wish to make Aarti her bahu. Kaushalya sits crying. Amit learns this and gets a shock. He tells Kaushalya that he knew Shivam will get his would be bride again. Amit’s mistake got a bride for Shivam.


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