Ishita misses out Raman in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita goes to give a surprise to Raman. Shagun tells Mani that she is throwing a great party and will not invite Bhallas to settle scores with them, as they did not invite her in the party. She tells him that Ishita messaged to apologize. Mani asks her not to do such things. Shagun does not listen to him. Raman is on dinner with his business partner Kiran, while Ishita leaves for home to sort out the problems. Kiran tells Raman that she knows everything about him. Raman gets impressed by her knowledge. Shagun spots Raman with Kiran.

Adi does not find Ishita with Raman. Shagun asks Adi about the lady. Adi tells her about Raman’s new business partner. Shagun asks Adi to take care of Aaliya. He suggests Adi to have a business of his own. Adi wants to concentrate on his current project. Raman sees Adi and introduces her to Kiran. Adi acts rude to Raman. Raman gets disappointed with him. Ishita solves the problem at home by handing over a wine bottle to Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita gets drunk. She gets upset on failing to meet Raman. Ishita misses Raman and creates a scene in drunken state.


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