Naira to fetch Kartik’s happiness in Yeh Rishta…

KaiRa union to face high criticism in Yeh Rishta...

Dadi gets upset as her family is misunderstanding her. She does not want to tolerate anything wrong, and also not trouble anyone by her presence. Naira asks Dadi to punish them, but not leave them. Dadi stays firm on her decision. Kartik tries to stop Dadi and gets hurt. Dadi gets worried for Kartik. She takes care of Kartik. Kartik mocks this drama to stop Dadi. Dadi gets more hurt by his drama. Kartik asks Dadi what wrong he did, if Dadi has done similar drama of illness to emotionally blackmail him. She tells him that she did such drama before to get him home. She asks Kartik not to stop her. Dadi leaves from the house.

Kartik wins an award. He refuses to receive the award, as he has failed Dadi by his behavior. He feels he is not suitable for any award and apologizes. Naira realizes Kartik can’t live without Dadi. Naira follows Dadi on a bike. She stops Dadi and tries convincing her. She asks her to come home for Kartik’s sake. Dadi gets emotional knowing what Kartik did at home. Dadi agrees to go and give happiness to Kartik. Dadi surprises Kartik. She is proud of Kartik’s choice. Dadi and Kartik unite, all thanks to Naira. Kartik thanks Naira for getting his happiness back.


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