Pandey family to accept Aryan in Thapki Pyaar Ki


Vasundara tells everyone that Aryan is not Bihaan. She tells Balwinder that Aryan was cheating us as Bihaan. Balwinder points gun at Aryan and says you have made fun of our love, you used our Bihaan and played with our emotions, you have no right to be alive. Thapki stops them and tells what Aryan did for the family. Vasundara gets angry on Thapki for hiding this truth. Bani takes side of Thapki and tells them that she will not see her mum’s insult, Thapki got Aryan home for my sake, even I know he is Aryan Khanna, but Aryan always supported our family. Aryan tells them that he has done this drama to help Thapki.

Bani takes a stand for Thapki and Aryan. Aryan starts leaving from the house. Vasundara was thinking to make him leave from the house, but the family accepts Aryan because of his good deeds. Vasundara stops him and accepts him as her son, giving him Bihaan’s place. Thapki has united the Pandey family. Aryan too gets a family. Thapki’s dream gets fulfilled. All the problems got solved. Thapki gets her daughters’ love as well. The show will have a happy ending soon.



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