Ricky learns Sameera’s truth in Saathiya

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Sameera finds Ricky upset and asks him to cheer up. They get to hear the dhol playing. They go out and see what’s happening. Urmila tells Ricky that when Sameera had got drunk, she has recorded her confession. Sameera’s plan got exposed. Ricky gets angry on Sameera. Ricky sees the recording. He asks how can Sameera do this, she has used him. Ricky feels Sameera has stabbed him by her cheat. He gets sense that he was going against his family by believing such people. He wants to go to court and rectify his mistake. Sameera does not want to lose so soon. Sameera asks him to stop acting like an ideal son, he was also against his own family.

Ricky asks Pinku not to say in between, else he will beat him up. Urmila has done all the tricks to bring out Sameera’s truth. Ricky says I don’t slap women, else I would have not left you. He slaps Pinku for interrupting in between. Ricky promises everyone that he will get Gopi and Kokila freed. Sameera was confident that Ricky is on her side, but when Ricky withdrew support, Sameera and Pinku get scared. Ricky has seen Sameera’s true face. He realizes Gopi and Kokila are innocent, and did not try to burn Sameera. He feels sorry that his family is bearing the punishment because of Sameera’s fake drama. Sameera thinks she can land in jail if Ricky tells truth to the police. She asks Pinku to come along, they have to stop Ricky from reaching court.






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